What is productivity?

Productivity is a measure of performance that indicates how efficiently individuals, teams and companies convert inputs, such as time, energy and capital, into outputs, such as goods, services and competed tasks.

It’s not just about getting it all done, it’s about getting the right things done.

In our physical and virtual worlds mired with distraction, we must challenge ourselves and enquire about the choices contributing to our productivity – or lack of.

What conversations are you having with your colleagues and communities to make sure their potential is unlocked, and they become the better of themselves?

The problem

In today’s fast, modern and uncertain world we are making more decisions than ever, at a pace where augmentation with technology is essential. But is technology, information and data delivery an enabler or a hindrance?

The resources we use to boost our productivity, can also challenge it. When was the last time you had one too many coffees that resulted in a bad nights sleep? When was the last time notifications on your smartphone stole your focus?

Avoiding the black holes of stolen productivity requires thought and planning.

The Solution

Awareness and space are the first steps in allowing solutions to manifest.

Awareness is your inner flashlight. It is neutral. It doesn’t judge. It simply allows us to see what is. From a business perspective, awareness is a quality we all need to assess our choices, actions and if change is needed. The good news is we get to decide what we focus upon. Where are you shining your flashlight? Is this a productive use of your time, energy and resources?

Space is your port in a storm, with its safe harbour and breaks from the challenges of your current reality and state of mind. Recognise the need for space which, like the port, is not your destination, but a reflective place for reassessment of your journey. This space presents an opportunity to ponder, and make different choices. Am I heading in the right direction? How can I do less, but create more? What’s truly important, and will have the biggest impact in getting me, or the organisation where we want to be?

Coaching is a positive tool to create both space and awareness. The external nature of another neutral party to shine the light of awareness in a safe space can be critical to optimising productivity.

Stephen Covey stated that “Life is not about accumulation but contribution”. Individuals, leaders and teams must ensure quality contributions, rather than mindlessly accumulating low quality output.

What can you do as an organisation?

High productivity organisations who desire a productive culture must harvest reflection in business, work-life balance and goals to ensure fulfilment in essential roles. To become extraordinary, you need to make extraordinary choices. Such choices need space to materialise, and be made.

Offer your leaders and teams the gift of greater awareness and space through coaching, to assess and improve their productivity. At True Partnership we help clients: unlock their productivity conundrums, reflect, recharge, and apply greater focus to what matters most.