Suzanne Pearson


Experience: Law Firm Partner, General Counsel, Finance, Boards, Executive Leadership
Speciality: Female Leaders, Expats, Transitions, Communication, Public Speaking, Sustainability
Based in: UK

Suzanne is a results driven executive coach who helps high achievers reach peak performance on their own terms – in business, financial services, and the law.

Having served as a law firm partner and international general counsel for two global financial institutions, Suzanne’s 30-year career spans various roles in the City of London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Known for her genuine leadership, she led successful pan Asia teams, served as a trusted legal advisor, and contributed to positive changes in DE&I as a member of the Asia Executive Leadership Team.

Suzanne is accredited with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and a graduate of the Meyler Campbell Mastered Coaching Programme, showcasing her commitment to excellence in coaching.

Suzanne’s coaching approach centres on breaking down ambitious goals into realistic, achievable parts.

Suzanne’s coaching style is focused and efficient, helping clients navigate successful career paths and the challenges unique to women in the workplace. As a former long-term expat, she also coaches expats in transition, having special insight and ability in this area.

Clients working with Suzanne benefit from her extensive executive experience, as she’s able to support them in becoming more strategic, persuade and influence people in a diplomatic yet assertive manner, and improve their ability to communicate and present more effectively.

Suzanne’s personal story is one of resilience and ambition, navigating a successful career while raising a family and thriving in diverse international settings. Her insights enrich her coaching, offering clients a unique perspective on achieving balance and success in demanding professional environments.

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