Roxanna Zea


Experience: Management Consultant, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer
Speciality: Leadership Challenges in High Growth Tech Businesses, Senior Women in Leadership
Based in: UK

Roxanna is a future focused coach, strategy consultant and board advisor, who works primarily with tech start-ups and high growth businesses.

Prior to coaching, Roxanna spent 7 years traversing the globe as a management consultant, before jumping into strategic and operational leadership roles. She has lived and worked in 5 continents, allowing her to successfully navigate the conflict and cultural issues that arise during global expansion.

In addition to her MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge, Roxanna has an MBA from London Business School. She also holds accreditations with Ashridge and the EMCC (Global EIA).

Roxanna believes in focusing on objectives and goals, whilst encouraging leadership authenticity.

She supports clients in exploring their leadership style through acknowledgment of their unique gifts, ‘dark-side’ and blind spots. Through increased awareness, clients can see how they’re perceived as a leader and the impact this has on organisational culture.

Roxanna aims to build, or restore, confidence in her clients. Unspoken fears are unpacked and processed through frank, yet understanding conversations, leaving clients feeling lighter and clearer on where they’re going.

As a young, process and task driven leader, Roxanna’s blind spot was not realising the importance of relationships in business. Once she integrated this understanding, she grew exponentially. Roxanna helps leaders hone their innate talents, whilst highlighting what they cannot see – creating better leaders and businesses that thrive.

Insights from Roxanna Zea