Robyn De Villiers


Experience: Senior Management, Founder, Reputation Management, Strategic Communications
Speciality: Culture, Diversity, Conflict Management, Collaboration, Multinational Leadership
Based in: South Africa

Robyn is a high-impact coach who works with young, new leaders, senior executives and seasoned C-suite professionals from multinational organisations.

Robyn has held several senior positions in large corporations, with expertise in marketing, reputation management, strategic communications and training. She remains Chair of the company she founded in South Africa 32 years ago; which she grew across 54 countries in Africa, before selling a majority stake to WPP.

In addition to her MSc in Executive Coaching, Robyn is a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner, an accredited Commercial Mediator, Harvard Business School Alumni, INSEAD Alumni and a certified Culture Map and Leadership Circle Profile consultant.

Robyn is also a Minds At Work Immunity To Change facilitator; a process that enables transformational change by uncovering the individual, collective and often unrecognised mindsets that create ‘Immunity to Change’.

Robyn believes in diversity and inclusion, through collaboration and well executed integration.

She empowers clients, either individually or as a collective, to see themselves more holistically and bring their whole selves to their roles.

Robyn creates a safe space for clients to think, explore, experiment and share. She is empathetic, yet challenging and follows a relational coaching model; helping clients to achieve their goals by realising their power within, whilst honing their impact and interpersonal skills.

As an astute entrepreneur, with vast experience and global reach, Robyn understands the diverse cultural challenges that global businesses face. Through recognition and understanding, Robyn helps clients to see the value in diverse cultures, allowing for greater productivity, authenticity and reduced conflict.