Phil Bergman


Experience: Investment Banking, Trader, Therapist
Speciality: Performance Coaching, Investment Professionals
Based in: UK

Phil is an executive coach and therapist who works with clients across a number of sectors including investment banking, private equity and management consultancy.

Phil draws on his extensive 28-year career as a trader and Managing Director, alongside his deep understanding of the human psyche, to help traders and investment professionals navigate the emotional complexities impacting their decision-making processes.

Phil is a BACP registered therapist and an ICF accredited executive coach. He has also completed Internal Family Systems training Levels 1 & 2.

Phil’s coaching philosophy incorporates clients’ inner and outer worlds – bringing awareness to the unconscious drivers influencing thoughts and behaviours as well as equipping goal-oriented executives with evidence-based tools to understand and navigate the multifaceted challenges they encounter.
His coaching style is characterised by both challenge and empathy, giving clients the framework to achieve the transformations they are looking for.

Phil’s clients have experienced significant performance improvements, including increased profitability for traders, successful transitions to new roles and enhanced leadership effectiveness. Phil’s approach enables clients to gain clarity, confidence, and the strategies needed, to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Phil’s personal journey from a successful trading career to becoming a therapist and executive coach started with the challenges faced trying to juggle a pressurised job and helping one of his children through severe mental health issues. This made him reflect on what is truly important in life and created the desire to help others achieve balance and fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

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