Nanna Kies


Experience: Executive (Team) Coach, Facilitator of Tailored Leadership & Change Programmes
Speciality: Inner Critic, Inclusive & Creative Cultures, Unleashing Full Potential, Pivotal Career Moments
Based in: The Netherlands

Nanna is an experienced leadership, team and business coach, who works with young leaders to seasoned C-suite executives, from multinational stock-listed companies to family businesses.

Prior to starting her own coaching company, Nanna spent 16 years working for renowned European business schools as a consultant, facilitator and coach in the field of Leadership and Change.

Nanna holds an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge, along with accreditations from Ashridge and the EMCC as a Senior Practitioner. She coaches in Dutch, English and French.

Nanna helps leaders slow down, to speed up. Her unique blend of curiosity, vulnerability and humour can open up even the toughest clients.

By offering a safe, judgement free space for self-reflection and playful experimentation; clients are energised to make different choices, accelerating their growth and performance.

Nanna is light-hearted, yet challenging and doesn’t shy away from speaking the truth. Clients can expect inquisitive and empathetic exploration of their challenges; unveiling new possibilities, actions, and influencing the future by acting with more intention and awareness of self.

Nanna understands the world her clients work in and the leadership challenges they face. She is also an inner critic expert. This allows her to highlight and unpack any team, culture or organisational dynamics that needs addressing; as well as the internal narrative that’s preventing thriving, spontaneity and creativity in her clients.