Michael Hegarty


Experience: Banking, Management, Leadership
Speciality: Winning Mindset, Maximising Potential, Creating the Impossible
Based in: Ireland

Michael is a transformational coach who works with people who have achieved notable success, but come to him when they want to accomplish a dream much bigger.

Prior to coaching Michael had a successful 20-year banking career with AIB, spanning roles across several positions and locations. He specialised in lending and debt management, before transitioning to his true calling in coaching. 

He holds a BA degree in Business, an Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching, is QFA qualified, EQi-2/EQ 360 certified and a member of EMCC Ireland. He regularly works with world-class coaches to hone his craft, and continually seeks out non-traditional ways to deepen his understanding for the art of coaching.

His coaching philosophy centres on the premise that we are all more powerful and resourceful than we can imagine.

Michael’s coaching style is in the moment, truthful and transformative. He demands commitment, courage, and a willingness to act from clients.

Michael’s clients often experience profound shifts in their presence, mindset, and actions quite early on. Business owners and leaders typically see problems disappear and metrics move. Through deep insights and ongoing support, they start to take on bigger challenges, unlocking newfound freedom and clarity.

Despite his introverted nature, Michael thrives in engaging conversations fuelled by boundless curiosity. An emerging thought leader, Michael is a writer, speaker and recently contributed to his first book ‘Winners Mindset: Peak Performance Strategies for Success.’ Yet, his greatest joys are often in the quiet moments, with his family or out in nature on their Irish farm. 

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