Leo Walker​


Experience: Special Forces, Royal Marines
Speciality: Communication, Leadership, Teams, High-Impact Development Plans
Based in: UK

Leo is a seasoned leader with 20 years of military experience, including 15 years in the Special Forces and 5 years in the Royal Marine Commandos. He now works with leaders and companies to provide bespoke, high-impact development plans.

Leo’s illustrious military career spans elite units, fostering a diverse skill set and cultural awareness. His leadership shines through a track record of successful high-pressure global operations, reflecting his expertise as both a logistician and tactical thinker.

In addition to his elite military training, Leo holds civilian qualifications and instructor certifications, including the esteemed A1 Assessor accreditation. He’s also highly skilled in evaluating individuals’ capabilities.

Leo’s approach is rooted in translating complex military strategies into practical corporate lessons and leadership insights.

Leo’s style is direct and challenging, yet humble. He creates a unique environment that encourages clients to explore their potential and overcome challenges.

Clients working with Leo gain access to a seasoned leader with a proven track record in high-pressure situations. He empowers individuals and organizations to enhance their strategic thinking, leadership, and operational effectiveness.

Leo’s journey from elite military units to the corporate world has enriched his perspective. His insights into leadership, resilience, and adaptability offer a unique advantage to clients seeking to excel in dynamic environments. 

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