Elizabeth Feigin


Experience: Education, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Prison Work
Speciality: Millennial, Gen Z, Neurodiversity, Brain-Training, Trauma
Based in: UK

Elizabeth is a psychologist and psychotherapist, speaker, and workplace engagement consultant. She comes with a wealth of experience working with Millennials, Gen Z, and neurodiversity.

Elizabeth’s career spans various roles in education and psychology; from large corporates to prison, including extensive work with stress, anxiety, trauma, and harmful behaviours. She combines her corporate, psychological, academic, and practical knowledge to offer a dynamic and practical approach to workplace challenges.

Elizabeth is passionate about education. She has a BA and MPhil from Cambridge University, a Doctorate in Psychology and Psychotherapy, and experience as an expert educator.

Her philosophy centres around understanding contemporary culture, challenging the status quo, and maximising potential.

Elizabeth’s style is direct, informed, and compassionate. She creates a challenging but supportive environment for clients to push boundaries, amplify talent and exceed expectations.

Clients benefit from Elizabeth’s expertise by considering challenges from a fresh perspective and exploring aspects of themselves that may have been previously ignored. Elizabeth is all about enhancing performance by developing practical strategies that feel realistic and manageable to implement.

Elizabeth’s extensive and ongoing clinical practice, combined with over a decade of psychology education set her apart. With experience engaging some of the most challenging members of society, in settings like rehab and prison, she recognises that ‘humans are humans’, which is what drove her to take her psychological tools of engagement into the workplace.

Insights from Elizabeth Feigin