Duncan Lewin


Experience: Finance, Leading Change & Innovation, Culture Integration
Speciality: Team Transformation Coaching, Team Focused Leadership Coaching
Based in: UK

Duncan is a highly skilled and experienced team coach, who works with executive and leadership teams at major PLCs and public sector organisations. He also works with CPOs, HRDs, and L&D Directors to create and improve internal team coaching capabilities.

With over 20 years’ experience in financial management and leadership coaching, Duncan has developed a unique skill set and approach to coaching teams. Before transitioning to a career in coaching, Duncan was a chartered accountant and financial director, working for esteemed firms such as Deloitte, IMG and Interpublic.

Duncan is currently completing his MSc in Executive Team Coaching at Ashridge and holds an APECS Executive Coach certification. He also has a BA in Industrial Economics.

Duncan is fascinated by how we can work more effectively together in teams and groups to meet the complex issues of our time. Navigating culture, power, anxiety and inclusion are just some of the topics he enjoys learning about alongside his clients.

Duncan coaches teams through challenges including new leadership, function vs top team tensions, difficult dynamics, leading change and innovation, and post-merger cultural integrations.

Duncan has extensive experience in creating internal team coach faculties and upskilling practitioners to improve team coaching capabilities. In addition, Duncan has helped organisations embed reorganisations and navigate ‘major moments’ through the simultaneous co-coaching of multiple teams (‘team of teams’).

Duncan’s search for deeper meaning and purpose took him into the world of personal and professional development, including his first taste of coaching from a career coach. Since then he has attended many weeks of coach trainings, mindfulness retreats and personal development courses. He loves that we live in an age of self-exploration and would encourage everyone to find a way to ‘look within’ to get more from their life.

Insights from Duncan Lewin