Caroline Pady​


Experience: Finance, Distressed Credit, Global Hedge Fund
Speciality: Transitions, Confidence, Burnout, Fulfilment, Self-realisation
Based in: UK

Caroline is a highly intuitive coach who works with founders, leaders and people in the public eye, who are looking to grow, evolve, and feel better in the process. She is also Co-Founder and COO of True Partnership. 

Prior to coaching, Caroline spent 10 years in Finance, where she established a thorough understanding of the qualities and complexities of fast paced, high-performance environments.

In addition to her BA in Business, Caroline’s multidisciplinary background covers Coaching, Investment Management, and Property Development.

Caroline’s coaching philosophy is based on the universal truth that our inner world creates our outer world. 

She offers compassion, humour, depth and dependability; holding space for unfiltered self-enquiry. This inside-out approach allows for deeper levels of understanding and transformation.

By letting go of resistance, clients give themselves permission to relax and for clarity to emerge. This inner focus and allowing, creates space for intuition and inspired action to arise. In this flow state, clients naturally feel more at ease – allowing themselves to experience greater joy, creativity, satisfaction, and abundance.

A number of health issues and unfulfilling relationships were the catalyst for Caroline’s own awakening. Her dynamic nature and sensitivity to others, allows her to support clients through even the most controversial of issues, without losing the playful, light-hearted energy clients so deeply appreciate.

Insights from Caroline Pady