Baillie Aaron


Experience: Founder, CEO, Social Enterprise
Speciality: Transitions, Major Life Events, Women in Leadership, Spirituality
Based in: Nomadic

Baillie loves working with thoughtful, self-aware people experiencing identity transitions linked to health, career, relationships or other areas of life.

After founding and running organisations in the USA and UK, Baillie set up her own practice coaching entrepreneurs from start-up to exit. She remains a serial entrepreneur, and is an accomplished public speaker, writer and dancer.

Baillie is a Harvard and Cambridge graduate, and a CTI qualified coach since 2013. Her multidisciplinary background includes Behavioural Science, Leadership Studies and Change Management.

Baillie encourages the pursuit of wisdom over knowledge; the surrender of control; a balance of stillness and motion; and conscious self-empowerment.

She brings her rare blend of perceptive listening, playful provocation and philosophical wisdom into her coaching.

Clients can expect incisive, direct and thoughtful questions that lead to rapid self-development and the feeling of greater freedom, joy and alignment.

After being hit by a car at the peak of her career, sustaining a brain injury that forced her to make significant life changes, Baillie chose to use this event as a catalyst for her development. With intentionality, she went on a deep inner journey: releasing the grasp of societal conditioning, identity labels and limiting self-beliefs, until she reached a place of joy and liberation. She helps her clients do the same.

Insights from Baillie Aaron