Anita Nemes


Experience: Investment Banking, Business Development
Speciality: Performance Coaching, Investment Professionals, Hedge Funds
Based in: UK

Anita is a performance and executive coach who works with a variety of clients, including senior decision-makers in financial institutions and hedge funds.

Anita comes with over 23 years of experience in investment banking, with a focus on hedge funds. She has held several leadership roles and is known for her successes in leading teams during challenging times of change.

Anita completed her MBA with INSEAD, as well as their Executive Master in Change programme on Individual and Organisational Psychology. Anita is an ICF accredited coach.

Anita’s coaching approach is centred on the belief that many aspects of our working lives have complex psychological and systemic underpinnings and a coach is best placed to have thought-provoking, practical and non-judgmental conversations with a view to increase awareness, thus enabling behavioural change.

As a coach, Anita is known for her direct and challenging coaching style, combined with a caring and empathetic approach.

Clients who work with Anita benefit from her extensive leadership experience in banking, her ability to think strategically, and her understanding of people and systems guided by her knowledge of the industry and psychodynamic concepts. She helps clients develop the skills they need to thrive in complex and rapidly changing environments and achieve their professional and personal goals.

Anita’s personal story is one of curiosity, resilience and continuous learning. Her main driver has always been her insatiably curiosity about people. Her professional journey coupled with her training has given her a unique perspective on the challenges that leaders and managers face, and the skills they need to succeed.

Insights from Anita Nemes