Alice Rwigema


Experience: Telecommunications, Corporate Sales
Speciality: Bespoke Leadership Programmes, Management Disconnection, Purpose, Life Coaching
Based in: Rwanda

Alice is an outcome focused coach, who works with C-suite leaders and executives from multinational companies; especially where there is a disconnection within senior management.

Prior to coaching Alice worked in corporate sales within the Telecoms sector; but after completing a transformative training program in 2014, she felt a natural calling to coaching and facilitation.

Alice has a BA in Business Administration and Management, and an MBA in Leadership and Organisational Behaviour. She is ICF accredited, GTCI (Global Team Coach International) certified, and speaks five languages – coaching predominantly in French and English.

Alice believes all leaders can achieve their goals by focusing on the skills required, their personal behaviour, and creating space for shifts in perspectives.

Alice is empathic, courageous and understanding. She helps clients discover their purpose, define their goals, and navigate towards them – step-by-step. She’s also adept at understanding leadership issues and creating bespoke programmes, that facilitate solutions and harmonisation.

Clients can expect presence, confidentiality and a holistic approach, to improving performance, productivity, and overall well-being. Alice asks that her clients are really involved, engaged and committed to the process.

Having been through her own transformation, Alice is passionate about leaving a legacy and sharing the skills she has learnt. She loves unlocking people’s potential, unifying leaders and ensuring everyone understands, and is working towards the business’s ultimate vision.

Insights from Alice Rwigema