Our Mission​

Our primary mission is and always will be to stand alongside our clients, forging enduring partnerships that accelerate their success, evolution and fulfilment, as both leaders and human beings.

Our Founders

Tom Ungi


Tom is our creative CEO, Co-Founder and big-picture thinker. With 23 years’ Financial Services experience and former Head of Trading at a large Global Hedge Fund, he is adept at developing and leading high-performing individuals and teams. He’s passionate about enabling diversity and supporting high-potential individuals.

Caroline Pady


Caroline is our dynamic and meticulous COO and Co-Founder. In 2019, after an invaluable 10 years in Finance, she transitioned from the hedge fund trading floor to executive coaching, with a focus on self-realisation. She has a passion for empowering others; helping them bridge the gap between their professional and authentic self.

Our Formation

True Partnership was founded against the backdrop of a challenging world with increasing social imbalance. Our North Star was to unite a diverse group of individuals, aligned by a common goal – to create positive, lasting change, one conversation at a time. 

Our Values

Our Values

Our Team

We view the True Partnership team as an orchestra. Each member is like a soloist with their own unique gifts and talent. However, when we unite, something even greater and more beautiful emerges. This concept influenced our logo, inspired by the conductor’s four-beat note. The colour purple was selected for its connection to qualities we strive to evoke in our clients: creativity, wisdom, leadership, intuition, and courage.

Our Responsibility

Freedom is one of True Partnerships core values. We believe we’re all connected, and we have a responsibility to support those who cannot help themselves.

Powered by events of 2020, we chose to support abolishing modern-day slavery. As such, a percentage of our profits are donated directly to the International Justice Mission (IJM).

IJM is a global organisation, working to protect people living in poverty from violence, trafficking and slavery.

IJM works to bring victims of violence and abuse to safety, provide trauma-informed support to survivors, hold perpetrators accountable, and help local law enforcement build safe futures that last.