What we do

True Partnership is an Executive Coaching and Business Consultancy focused on supporting the leadership needs of individuals and organisations. We create tailor-made services, whilst building intentional partnerships that nourish, support and optimise human potential.


Define the goal

Where do you want or need to be? We work alongside clients to first understand what they really need support with. Then we co-create programs to meet their unique needs and budget.


Find the right fit

No one client is the same. Our versatile group of specialists allows us to offer a wide range of services, matching clients with the ideal partner and program for them and the task at hand.


Create and transform

From one-to-one executive coaching to leadership development programs, we take clients through their own unique process to achieve greater awareness, clarity, change and results.

Our Work

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Who we are

We are a fun, interesting and eclectic group. We offer an abundance of different expertise, life-experience, styles and approach, whilst standing aligned on our values.

Why work with us

We bring fresh perspectives and a commercial mindset to your toughest challenges. We will help you dream bigger, cultivate your talent and thrive.

What our clients say